Let's go back to the basics. If you're here, you're probably learning all of this for the first time. You're taking the first step in your journey to becoming a crochet queen (or king)! Oh how exciting! You're gonna love this!  

I'm going to be taking you through the basic crochet stitches, and then after that we'll move on to some fancy stuff!    

In order to crochet basically anything you first need to know how to create a slip knot. 

How to Create a Slip Knot

Here are the steps you needs to take to create a slip knot:  

  1. Create a loop by placing the tail end of your yarn on top of the working end of your yarn.  
  2. Then place your tail end under the loop you just made (kinda looks like a pretzel!). 
  3. Insert your hook and grab the tail end that's inside of the loop. 
  4. Pull up on your hook, making sure to hold onto both the tail end and the working end. 

I've made a short video tutorial for your viewing pleasure. 

Here's a few things to note as well:  

  • The tail end is just that. The end. The end of the skein of yarn. 
  • The working end is the end that's coming from your skein/ball.  
  • After your slip knot is made, pulling on the tail end will tighten your loop around the hook. 
  • After your slip knot is made, pulling on the working end will loosen your loop around the hook.  

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!