Serendipity As Always coming to you with another stitch tutorial! This time we'll be learning the Half Double Crochet. The abbreviation for this stitch is hdc. 

First things first! Begin with the beloved slip knot. Then create a base chain with the desired amount of stitches +1 (ie: If you want 12 hdc, make sure your beginning chain is 13). Work your first hdc in the 2nd chain from the hook.

Here are the steps:

  1. Yarn over your hook. 
  2. Insert your hook into the next stitch (make sure the 2 loops are ontop of your hook).
  3. Yarn over your hook. 
  4. Pull through stitch. Now you have 3 loops on your hook. 
  5. Yarn over your hook. 
  6. Pull through all 3 loops on your hook. Hdc complete! 

Half Double Crochet Stitch

The above photo tutorial is Left Handed, but I did create another vidoe tutorial on how to execute the hdc stitch which is available in Left and Right Handed versions. You can view those vides below! 

Right Handed

Left Handed