So I needed a new throw blanket for my living room and I was completley inspired by the Soft & Sleek "Green Apple" colorway! Ummm GREEN! Yes please! My absolute favoirte color! I, of course, wanted something that was FULL of texture, but that would also be a pretty mindless project. I finally uploaded Part 1 (for the center using color 1) of the video tutorial to YouTube! You can also view it below... 

Here's a few photos I snapped of my Aracana Throw

arcana throw

arcana throw

arcana throw


  • approx 600 yards of worsted weight yarn for the center
  • approx 1500 yards of another color worsted weight yarn for the outer border
  • a size K (6.50mm) crochet hook
  • and a yarn needle for weaving in ends


Rounds 1-3: bean stitch rounds 

Round 4: solid dc round 

Round 5: blo dc round 

Round 6: v stitch round 

Rounds 7-9: bean stitch rounds

Ro:und 10: solid dc round 

Round 11: blo dc round 

Round 12: v stitch round 

Rounds 13-15: bean stitch rounds

Round 16: solid dc round 

Round 17: blo dc round 

Round 18: v stitch round 

Rounds 19-21: bean stitch rounds

Round 22: solid dc round 

Round 23: blo dc round 

Round 24: v stitch round 

Rounds 25-27: bean stitch rounds  

Part 2 is now available! You can view it here. 

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